Innovation in the second era of the Internet.

Innovation in the second
era of the Internet.


/ Our Story

Era2 Ventures is an investment creation and production company. In the second era of the Internet, we build new enterprises which leverage digital business models and emerging software platforms.


/ Proven Track Record

Dating back to the mid-1990s, the founders of Era2 Ventures have built companies in the supply chain, telecommunications, business strategy, and software development fields. Each company has achieved liquidity and created wealth for all stakeholders, either through acquisition or the public markets.


The technology likely to have the greatest impact on the next few decades has arrived. It’s called the blockchain." 

— Don Tapscott


The Internet of Value

The Second Era of the Internet will have profound implications on competitiveness, strategy, architecture, and leadership. Our present focus is on producing smart-contract Blockchain applications to re-architect existing businesses. Today, Blockchain applications are beginning to transform the way finance is conducted and the way property and identity are managed.


In 2017, Era2 Ventures will be a leader in bringing the value of Blockchain to the average person and the public at large. Our first project – CarbonX – will engage millions of people in fighting climate change. Our second project, will save personal transaction costs in a multi-billion dollar industry. While Era2 Ventures is for-profit company, we strongly believe Blockchain is a democratic platform that will enable individuals to exert greater control over the creation of prosperity, both for themselves and for society. Please stay tuned.

What is the Blockchain?

If you don't know, you should. If you do, chances are you still need some clarification on how it actually works. Don Tapscott is here to help, demystifying this world-changing, trust-building technology which holds the potential to transform money, business, government and society.


/ CarbonX

The first Blockchain endeavor to be launched by Era2 Ventures - CarbonX - will be revealed on UN World Environment Day, which is hosted by Canada, on June 5th, 2017. For more information, please visit us at and submit your contact details below.